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​The time to screen is now.

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myPrenatal is a simple test that provides reliable answers about the health of a developing fetus. ​Click here to view the myPrenatal product sheet.

This test screens for the three most common chromosomal abnormalities.

  • Down Syndrome: Affects 1 in 700 babies - Intellectual disability that ranges from mild to severe, characteristic facial features, low muscle tone, and increased risk for heart defects.
  • Edwards Syndrome: Affects 1 in 5,000 babies - Slow intrauterine growth, heart defects, multiple abnormalities (including defects of lungs, kidneys, stomach) and severe intellectual disability.
  • Patau Syndrome: Affects 1 in 12,000 babies - Severe intellectual disability, heart defects, brain or spinal cord abnormalities, poorly developed eyes, extra fingers or toes, cleft lip, and low muscle tone.


Hear from our genetic counselors:

"Whether you are just starting to think about planning a family, or you are already pregnant, we are here to help you understand your genetic testing options so you can make choices that are right for your family." 

— Sharon Namaroff, MS, CGC, Director of Clinical Services, US